Adams Home Repair, Home Repair, Toney, AL
We provide a wide range of home repair and improvement services including, but not limited to:

* Inspection repairs or prepping for them - (get your home sold for top dollar)
* bought a home - need things changed to suite your tastes
* Insurance - repairs
* Windows - install new or repair
* Floor - repair
* Carpet - installation
* Vinyl and laminate floor installed
* Ceiling fans and light fixtures - install
* Painting - exterior and interior
* Christmas Lights - install
* Crown molding and other trim - install
* Decks - fixed
* Decks - built
* Door hardware - replaced
* Doors - install new or repair
* Homes decks walks and drives - pressure washed
* Rotted wood - replaced
* Sheet rock repaired
*Apartments and investment property improved maintained and repaired.

We can handle most home improvement and repair needs. Give us a call and we will save you time and money. One call can do it all.

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Painting installed window unit
Adams Home Repair, Home Repair, Toney, AL